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Sometimes There are False Springs

Anyone who lives in Wisconsin (or the Midwest for that matter) knows the concept of “false Spring.” It’s those few glorious days, or perhaps even weeks of gorgeous weather. We’re talking full days above freezing, maybe even hitting jacket-less weather where the sun feels like it is actually warming the ground. You watch the snow melt away; the piles of it finally disappearing after months. You think, “maybe, just maybe, we’re finally done with winter.”

Then, another snow storm hits.

If you’re somebody, like me, whose mood is greatly effected by the weather, this can spiral you back to where you were in the depths of winter. “Great. More of this.” Sure, this snow won’t last on the ground as long and might even be gone the very next day. You know warmer days are around the corner. But, it feels like such a set back to where you were.

Personal winters are like that too. For me, I felt like I was doing so great. I was taking actionable steps to feeling better; doing better. I was taking care of myself and actively pushing toward my goals and dreams. But, like those tiny buds that get a little too eager with a sudden feeling of warmth, one cold snap of reality makes everything feel like it’s the end of days. (Am I dramatic? Yes. But you should know this by now).

It takes a lot of energy to get back on track. It takes a lot of patience and understanding from the people around me as well.

As always, I’m leaning on writing as a constant. Do I love everything I’m writing during this time? No. But, I am going slowly and carefully through each chapter and finding the right words as I go. I’ve found that I’m connecting to this particular story, these particular characters, even more deeply because of this current winter, especially the sudden cold snaps.

If you are also going through a personal winter, I wish you all the best and send my love. Know that spring does come, even if we have some false starts. Keep at the manageable but meaningful steps, just like with writing.

How are your writing projects going? Do you lean in to the written word when you’re feeling a bit down as well?

Stay Well and Stay Safe!


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