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When Rewriting Becomes Writing New Scenes

There are many points in this draft where I find myself writing a scene for the very first time. My novel previously had a much different focus, I think, than it’s turning toward now. This showed up by the end of the novel in my previous draft.

That means that now I have scenes that are either brand new or strange chimeras of scenes from the beginning and end of my novel. So far, nothing besides a few choice lines have been pulled straight from the previous manuscript. Even those have been changed ever so slightly.

I am truly killing my darlings. It’s a little easier to do after coming to terms with losing half of my novel already to plot necessity.

The one thing I’m learning as I go through this rewrite is that my characters are getting so much deeper. Knowing their motivations to such a level gets me so far into their minds that I’m able to appreciate this journey along with them. (Not that they appreciate the journey I’m putting them through…but I appreciate it. This journey is helping both of us.)

Also, I finally, FINALLY, hit 15,000 words this weekend. Slow but steady. (I feel so behind, but I’m fighting that feeling as hard as I can). I’m still only writing about 400-500 words each writing session, with a real goal of about 390. That’s about a page per writing session.

How is your writing going? Do you feel like your rewriting is more like new writing?

Happy Writing!


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