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NaNoWriMo Week 4 – The end is the beginning

Nanowrimo didn’t go as planned this year, and that’s okay. I’ve got almost 20k new words in my draft and I’m ready to start the serial soon.

I’m a little bummed that I didn’t have the all-out enthusiasm this year to complete 50k in 30 days. But, sometimes progress is slow. Slow progress is still progress!

What did I learn from this year’s Nano?

I learned a couple of things.

1) I really did need to work on something fresh and new this year. I’ve been staring at my Magick Forest project for over 10 months this year and it was good to get a breath of fresh air. I feel refueled creatively to really dig down into it in the new year.

2) My process isn’t going to be the same for every book. For some drafts I can do 50k in 30 days, for others I need to take my time and let it marinate. I have the whole plot in my mind, but the way it comes to life is still a mystery. For example, I needed something to be a hindrance later in the draft and it came as a surprise what that actually was.

3) Refueling is necessary. I have been devouring books over the fall. It almost exactly corresponds with when I finished my revision. Like I had used up all my creative fuel and needed to regain some of that before moving on. It’s been helping a ton as I write the draft of this new piece.

4) Protect your enthusiasm. I watched a video by Rachael Stephens the other day and it totally clicked into place. Talking too much about a project can kill it in your mind. There’s excitement around working on something that nobody knows anything about yet. Sometimes, explaining the entire plot of a book might feel like you’ve told the story already and you’re done. For my next project, I might hold things a bit closer to the chest while still sharing some goodies every once and a while.

5) You’re going at the right pace for you. It doesn’t matter that one of your friends finishes 50k two weeks into it. It doesn’t matter that another has written every night for the past 30 days. Whatever words you got on the page are worth it and proof that you’re still writing. The only way you’re losing is if you give up entirely and never put words down again. It’s okay to ditch projects, but it’s not okay to give up entirely. Your pace will not look the same as somebody else’s.

What’s next?

While I didn’t hit 50k for Nano, I did hit 50k in my draft. Woohoo!

So what’s next? I’m going to take one more month to get my draft almost to the finish line. Then, hopefully, I’ll start posting my serial to Radish in January. It not only lines up with my story’s timeline but will serve as a strong start to my year.

Stay tuned! Exciting things are going to happen. I can’t guarantee things will be finished any faster, but I can guarantee that I won’t stop working on writing.

Happy Writing!


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