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When Rewriting Becomes Writing New Scenes

There are many points in this draft where I find myself writing a scene for the very first time. My novel previously had a much different focus, I think, than it's turning toward now. This showed up by the end of the novel in my previous draft. That means that now I have scenes that… Continue reading When Rewriting Becomes Writing New Scenes

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Sometimes There are False Springs

Anyone who lives in Wisconsin (or the Midwest for that matter) knows the concept of "false Spring." It's those few glorious days, or perhaps even weeks of gorgeous weather. We're talking full days above freezing, maybe even hitting jacket-less weather where the sun feels like it is actually warming the ground. You watch the snow… Continue reading Sometimes There are False Springs

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Love the Stories You Write

It's no fun to write if you're not truly and deeply passionate about what you're writing. It can be done, of course, but it's not fun. Sure, at some point any writing will be "work." But, let's be honest here, you should at least LIKE what you're writing about at some point in the process.… Continue reading Love the Stories You Write

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The First 10,000 Words

I almost have 10,000 new words in my revised draft of my novel. Woo! I'm aiming for a total of around 80,000 words. It feels like this has taken me such a long time after using routines, such as NaNoWriMo and the like, where I would crush thousands of words each day. But, this is… Continue reading The First 10,000 Words

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Have you considered stickers?

For the longest time, I could not develop a writing routine to save my character's life. Those poor dears were just wading in tension and unfinished plot lines for months, years, without ever seeing their stories finished. All because I couldn't bring myself to sit in a chair at the same time on the same… Continue reading Have you considered stickers?