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Lots One Day vs. Nothing the Next

The week prior I soared past my milestone 20k no problem, despite the chaos of a literal fire in my home. While this past week I have done only one meager day of writing, despite having every opportunity to sit down and get something written. I could sit here and ask “What’s wrong with me?” But, I’m going to give myself a bit of a break I think. (Or at least I’m trying to convince my Inner Critic to do so).

I got a lot done the prior week because I tend to have this “everything’s fine” mentality after big things happen. If I don’t stop doing stuff, the big bad thing can’t catch up in my brain. But, I can’t just NOT rest. So, after getting a lot done, I have a bit of a slump where things give a bit. I can either completely fall off the wagon or I can take it as a sign that I clearly needed the rest and brush myself off to get back to work.

I’m hoping to do just that.

Also, it just keeps snowing here. I don’t know if the weather affects anybody else’s mood, but it absolutely tanks mine. Mostly snow and cold, but I’m certainly more motivated during sunny warm days than on blustery rainy days. Do I like that I’m like this? No. Do I need to start accepting it and finding ways to work around it? Yeah.

Writing-wise, I only got one day of good writing work done last week, so I don’t have much to report. It was very much a creative refueling. I watched some shows, read some stories, and took some very long and deep creative inhales. I’m looking forward to using that this week.

Happy Writing!


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