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Changes of Scenery

This past weekend my friend and I went on our own mini writer’s retreat. Mostly, this included us, a cabin, and only a little bit of pressure to be productive. It was a good day as long as we got writing done. We adventured in the morning and spent the afternoon on our own projects, whether writing or reading.

While I cannot speak for my friend, it was certainly successful for me! I ended up with over 2,000 words written over the course of two full days. On the reading side I was able to finish up reading a book I had started (that I owed her back), finish two mangas, and get halfway through another novel! The power of no limited TV access and not wanting to interrupt your friend’s workflow, right?

What does that look like in the book? Well, I finished rewriting another chapter. Very anti-climactic right?

My chapters average around 3,000 words, sometimes less. So, as much as that much writing made me feel great, it doesn’t LOOK like that much progress. However, I’m not letting that get me down. That’s still one more chapter done! That’s still one more major element in the story underway! Things are moving in the plot now and I’m getting more and more excited to sit down and write things out. Big changes are happening in the writing so it’s taking a lot more brain power and concentration to get things down.

I still get jealous of people who can crush out 3,000 words in one sitting. It’s one of my whole entire chapters after all. But then I remind myself that I am in a part of my process that deserves a slow and steady form of writing. So, I will take my time. It’s not a race.

How’s your writing going? Do you find a change of scenery and a change of day-to-day gives your writing a boost?

Happy Writing!


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