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The Book is One-Third Re-Written!

I hit a new milestone last week! I got over one-third of the way through my re-write! Woooooo!

I am so happy with how the story is going right now and how the writing is turning out. Taking time with the words and really concentrating on the plot and feel have proven to be a huge portion of making this book better. I’m so eager to have others read it. (Still terrified, but also eager.)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This May I’m taking a little break from social media. Not a ban, mind you, just a break. So, when I’m just sitting around bored I’m trying not to reach for Instagram or Facebook as the first thing I scroll through. I’m trying to make my time meaningful. It doesn’t necessarily need to be productive, because let’s be honest nobody can be productive 100% of the time. But even rest can be meaningful when it’s actually restful and not fueling the stress in my mind.

I did this little exercise over the weekend called a “wellness wheel.” I sat down and looked at the different areas of my life (in this case 7 key areas of self care as stated by the creator) and really thought about how I was doing. I found some gaps and also some strengths. I’m going to take my month, and probably longer, to focus on these areas of imbalance. I want to nurture stronger health in all aspects of my life.

To me, emotional and mental are definitely similar and influenced heavily by physical and social which I have been neglecting in favor of my hobbies. 😛 It’s all about balance, right? So I am going to put in the work and get things straightened out.

I’m sharing mine in case it’s helpful to somebody who feels the same way. You don’t have to feel at a 10 to feel good, but better balance is a good target.

Here’s a picture of my Nugget and his “girlfriend” for anybody who needs it.

Happy Writing! Stay Healthy!


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