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My deadline approaches

Sure, my deadline is self-inflicted, but it still means a lot to me. I plan to have my new story starting its release on the Radish Fiction app during the month of March. So far I plan two episodes per week. I’ll be putting the first 7 up right away so that you can read up to five for free and either wait for the next to unlock or pay a few coins to read it early.

Now, the real question is which week I will release the first episodes in March. Hopefully, within the first and second weeks. Just a few more tweaks and it’ll be all ready to go.

My mind is on my goals

After posting about my big dreams last week, that’s kind of all I’m thinking about. How I can slowly incorporate them into my life? What steps can I take now to get somewhere in the future?

So far, I’ve sent the draft of Magick Forest to find a developmental editor. I’m in the process of getting sample edits and deciding what I really need from them. Hopefully, this will get my draft ready to roll a bit better to start querying and pitching it.

That’s one step started. Another is to get this serial up and available for you all to read.

I’m working hard to get things together. I hope you all are excited 🙂

Happy Writing!


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